Uesugi Farms Hires Nathan Wyrick as Harvest Manager

July 31st, 2017
Nathan Wyrick of Uesugi Farms standing in a field of peppers.

Uesugi Farms announced Nathan Wyrick has joined their team as harvest manager. An agriculture veteran, Wyrick has an extensive background in all aspects of farming operations, most recently managing the field harvesting activities of a bulk growing operation for a major grower.

“Nathan is a fourth-generation farmer, so he understands what it takes to get healthy, flavorful produce to market,” said Pete Aiello, Uesugi Farms General Manager. “Just as importantly, he’s a quality individual and a true team player who has already made a positive impact at Uesugi Farms. We’ve known Nathan personally and professionally for many years, and we’re thrilled that he has joined our team.”

Uesugi is in the process of making the seasonal shift from Southern California pepper fields to Northern California acreage, and will be capitalizing on Wyrick’s experience to ensure that the transition goes smoothly. His ongoing responsibilities will include a wide range of mission-critical tasks including managing harvesting crews, overseeing scheduling and logistics, tracking costs and ensuring effective communication among all departments.

“I truly enjoyed my time working for a corporate growing operation, but I’m honored and excited to be returning to my roots with a family-run business like Uesugi,” said Wyrick. “I look forward to doing my part to ensure that we maintain the brand’s high standards and provide our industry partners and their customers with the best produce on the market.”

“Having done it myself, I can confidently say that Nathan’s job is the toughest one on the farm,” added Aiello. “From quality management to cost control to communication, it all starts in the field. That’s why we’re pleased to be benefiting from his expertise and his leadership.”