Uesugi Farms gears up for great Gilroy yields

March 14th, 2017

Gilroy, CA — One of the country’s largest growers and shippers of rare Napa Cabbage, Uesugi Farms anticipates plenty of nature’s gifts in Gilroy. With more than seven decades of experience growing Napa Cabbage, Uesugi Farms proudly maintains an impeccable industry reputation with its product.

Uesugi grows Napa Cabbage year-round in four regions — Coachella, Holtville, Mexico and Gilroy.

“Right now, there is a short supply of Napa in the marketplace – especially product that is free of quality issues. We are therefore enjoying a nice market,” said Pete Aiello, Uesugi Farms General Manager. “Uesugi Farms has been growing Napa since the 1950s. It is deeply rooted in our company’s tradition.”

Harvest runs April to November at its Gilroy farm, November to February in Coachella/Holtville, and February to April in Mexico. The upcoming Gilroy crop is expected to once again yield high quality product. The moderate Mediterranean climate and clay/loam soils typically lead to great quality and high yields.

Napa Cabbage is a niche product grown for and marketed primarily to Asian consumers. A staple of Asian cuisine, it is served in kimchi, wrap and stir-fry recipes. The product has recently evolved beyond that market, whether as a replacement for regular cabbage and crisp greens or for such adventurous culinary fair as braised Napa Cabbage.

Uesugi Farms founder George Uesugi began growing and harvesting Napa Cabbage in the 1950s. The product was so attached to the brand that Napa Cabbage was displayed in the company logo. Napa Cabbage continued to be a featured product when the Aiello family took over the farm in 1979.

With 250 acres, Uesugi Farms is one of the largest shippers of the product in the entire country. There are few other growers who can match Uesugi Farms’ growing experience or product acreage.